Dance theatre Rimpparemmi’s spring season brings several visiting performers to culture house Wiljami.

Love belongs to everyone and Poe- clubs show off our personnels varied skillset.


In February Wiljami’s stage is filled with talented Northern artists when Auri Ahola, Marjo Selin, Jenni Kallo and Titta Court step forth. After each performance Rimpparemmi’s Artistic director Matti Paloniemi interviews the artists about their work and life so far.


In March Rimpparemmi will host Dance theatre Minimi from Kuopio. This two-performance evening consists of Iiro Näkki’s choreography Stream and Levoton maa (The Restless Earth) by Mikko Makkonen and Riku Lehtopolku. Rovaniemi-born Miia Jaatinen and her crew bring their performance Red Desert to Wiljami in April. The audience has a chance to chat with the performers after the performance.


Rimpparemmi’s spring season opens with an outpouring of love in January. Love belongs to everyone consists of Jacques Brel’s incredible chansons and The Contemporary, a choreography by Matti Paloniemi. Brel’s music is performed by Rimpparemmi Band with front man Joni Kuokkanen and The Contemporary by dancers Laura Kallas-Herd and Marjo Selin.


During spring Rimpparemmi will also arrange Poe- clubs, which are low-stakes demo clubs. All demos are inspired by poems by Edgar Allan Poe. Clubs are filled with music, dance and video art, everything but the kitchen sink. There will not be a shortage of surprises since every club will be unique, like the performers. These clubs may include interesting visitors.


The audience can enjoy drinks during the performances.


The complete spring schedule can be found HERE and tickets can be bought HERE